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Custom Logo Design by Catapult for Dallas

Stand Out from the Competition

Logos are more important to your business than you might think. Your logo is posted on social media, printed on t-shirts, and included in nearly every document you send out. When you choose Catapult Creative Media for your Dallas company’s logo design, we capture the parts of your brand that make your business unique.

Our custom logo designs for Dallas companies are professional and full of your brand’s personality. As the center mark of your business, your logo speaks to your audience. Each element that makes up the logo is fully thought through and designed to meet your business’s goals. 

Why You Need Custom Logo Design from Professionals

It’s no secret. You’re not a graphic designer. That’s why you should rely on the talented, educated, and experienced designers at Catapult to make your dream logo a reality. Our designers have formal education and training, are vetted before they come to work with us, and continuously improve and keep on top of the latest design trends.

A Dallas Company You Can Trust

Educated & Trained Graphic Designers

Vetted Designers & Strategists

Creating a custom logo design for your Dallas business is more than just sketches in a notebook. Our graphic designers want to know what you are trying to get across. Is it a friendly presence? Do you want a custom logo design for your Dallas company  that impresses with its professionalism? We listen to your business’s goals, mission, and values to craft a custom logo design that will reflect it. Whatever you wish to speak subliminally to convey a message without words can be accomplished by our team.

Our designers are professionals with degrees who hold their work to a high standard. They spend hours sketching mock-ups and refining custom logo designs for your Dallas company until they’re positive that they have several potential logos to present to you.

Get a Logo That:

Looks Good & is Memorable

Makes You Stand Out from the Competition

Sends a Message to Your Customers

Our foolproof process includes research, conceptualizing and sketching ideas, and refining shape and design before presenting. Our graphic designers go through refinement revisions to make sure you’re happy with the final result. What do you get out of all of this? A custom logo design for your Dallas business that makes sense with your brand and fits your vision and business goals.


Take Your Custom Logo Design Everywhere You Go

When your logo is designed right, you can use your logo for whatever you need. Our graphic designers are masters at creating custom business logos that are scalable and versatile. Basically, that’s just fancy talk for saying that we can make your logo design look great no matter how big or small it is. 

Whether your logo is on a billboard or the side of a pen or used on one color signs or full color t-shirts – your logo will look its best and proudly represent your company.

Custom Logo Designs for Your Dallas Business You Will Love

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Color, font, and shape are perfectly blended to create the perfect logo for your company. Whether you are looking for a logo made from scratch or need to update your current one, we are confident that we can design a logo for your business that you will be proud to display. Seize your customers’ attention with a Dallas logo design made by Catapult to build a lasting and memorable impression in their minds.

Trust us – we think of everything possible. We make sure that each of our logo designs is suitable for anything a business will need it for.